Saturday, January 30, 2010

20 weeks! Half Way There

Today ends my 20th week, and I am now entering into the 2nd half of my pregnancy. I feel great! No more throwing up, my energy is definitely back and my belly is getting more and more round. I can't believe how quickly 20 weeks has gone by (well really just 14 weeks because we found out at 6 weeks!). I am spending more and more of my time dreaming of holding our sweet little babies and creating a nursery for them in which they will feel loved and nurtured. I have lots of ideas, but we still don't have any clear answers as to what we're actually having.

The doctor can only tell me that we're having 1 girl and because of the way our other little one is positioned she just can't get a clear view. I may go and have a 2nd sonogram done this next week because I am so anxious to find out so we can start getting prepared! Cribs and changing table have been ordered, but my mind is still dreaming of all the fun possibilities for a sweet girl room sans frills or a neutral room for a little boy and girl!

Have any ideas? What would be a good theme for a boy/girl or girl/girl? I found some cute hippy flowers theme stuff- no frills for our babies!

Enjoy the 20 week picture!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

So I am really hoping to post later today the sexes of our little babies growing away in my not-so-little belly!! YAY! Pray for us today. Alan won't be able to make the Dr.'s appt. He's working his first day with teams (more on that later) so I am flying solo at my Dr.'s appt. I have made little envelopes for "Baby 1" and "Baby 2" and if the Dr. can tell the sexes then I will have her write them on slips of paper and seal them in the envelopes until Alan and I can open them together!!