Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dedication to the LORD

3 posts in one week. I am a mad blogging machine.

Look out world!

I am feeling so accomplished today. Rarely do I get a lot done in a morning let alone a whole day and so far I've made coffee, pumped (you mommies know what that means), made breakfast for me and Alan (does cereal count as being "made??"), prepared new bottles, and am currently sterilizing bottles and writing this post ALL in between Amelia and Stella's nap...

Which, by the way, they are officially back to eating every 2 hours. So long 3 hour naps. We were up feeding them at 4am, 6am, and 8am. That is NOT what this post is about however.

It is about Father's day.

I was so amped up about Father's Day this year as it was Alan's first and I wanted to make it really special. I got him an adorable little book called "Why Every Girl Needs a Daddy" and "A Father's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words." The thing I was most excited about was the ring I had custom made that has 3 sides to it and on one side it says "Amelia" the other "Stella" and the last "James 1:17."

I bounced into the room on Father's day with our girls and gifts in hand. We woke daddy up and gave him our sweet gifts celebrating his first Father's Day!

The best gift of the day was still to come...

At church that morning we were dedicating our girls to our Heavenly Father committing to train them up in the ways of the Lord so that when they are older they will not depart from His ways. It was truly a magical moment to stand on stage with our Pastor and in front of the whole congregation committing them to our ultimate Father and receiving the blessings of encouragement from the church.

I am most excited for all the ways we get to teach our girls about God. (I recently purchased a book called "Treasuring God in our Traditions," by Noel Piper (John Piper's wife). It's waiting for me in the Dominican and I can't wait to dig into it! )

My mom took video of the whole dedication. It's about 5 minutes long if you care to watch!!

Dedicating Amelia and Stella from Jackie Perez on Vimeo.

It was a lovely Father's Day.

One we won't forget.

Family Ministries Director, Mary Wantanabe hosts the dedication and challenges the parents and the church to raise up our babies in the ways of the LORD.

Janice presented the girls with their first Bible and handmade quilts from the quilting ministry at the church. The quilts have scriptures written all over them.

We were blessed to dedicate Stella and Amelia along with our friends the Yates, who were dedicating their baby Stella as well.

Pastor Kevin praying for our family.

Family pic at church (forgive the horrible background!!)

Friday, July 9, 2010

Loved By Many

One of the best things about being in the states with our girls is seeing the joy they bring everyone. They wisk away a bad day with a simple look or when they put their little hand on yours, lay their head on your shoulder or simply stare at you with their big blue eyes.

As the weeks have progressed we've ventured out of the house more and more and just recently we took a road trip with my family to California. (Alan and I were even able to sneak off to the happiest place on Earth for the day... more on that later!!)

My family has been amazing with the girls and it's been such a blessing to see all the love my parents and family have for them... Here's a few pics from the last 2 weeks!

Grandpa and Grandma Liz love the girls soooo much!!

Kisses for Stella!

Grandma giving Amelia her first piano lesson! Both girls have the longest fingers.

This pic is NOT from the last 2 weeks but the girls LOVE their uncle J.D. so I had to include it!

This pic represents 5 generations of women! My greatgrandma is in the pink in the middle, my great Aunt Claudette is on the left (she is standing in for my grandma Lurlene- my mom's mom who died when my mom was 16), my mom, me, and our little girls! It is a very special picture!

Stella got to meet her great grandma Sally! I was so happy that I got to see my grandma (haven't seen her in almost 3 years) and she loved the girls!

Another pic of my grandma calming little Stella

Also another pic NOT from the last 2 weeks, however Opa (dutch for grandpa) has been such a big blessing to us. Each night when he comes home he loves his baby time. He helps feed and hold our girls and makes them feel so special. Each morning before he leaves for work he checks on the girls and asks how their night went.

These little girls are loved by so many!!

Celebrating One Month!!

Here's a sweet little video from our girls' one month birthday!! They love to lay next to eachother and play! We are so blessed by them!


Celebrating one month with Stella and Amelia from Jackie Perez on Vimeo.