Sunday, May 16, 2010

The End of the Prego Road

Today I am 36 weeks.

I am huge. Uncomfortable. Tired. and a whole bunch of emotions that my sweet sweet husband has helped me deal with and navigate through as we end the prego road and start down a new path of parenthood.

36 weeks is full-term for twins and I can't believe we've made it this far without any bedrest or complications. I for sure thought after my first trimester ordeal I'd have a hard time with the rest of my pregnancy and that just wasn't true. I've truly enjoyed being pregnant and if it wasn't for my giant belly blocking my toes and my inability to put on shoes (or pants for that matter) without sitting down I probably wouldn't have known I was pregnant most of the time. It really has been a wonderful 9 months and we've seen God at work through our prayers and throughout our pregnancy.

We prayed for Alan to be here in the states for the delivery. After being denied for his Visa the first time, the US Embassy decided to re-evaluate and issue him a Visa for 6 months!

We prayed and prayed for our delivery day. Actually I thought today, May 16, would be the day. I guess it's only 2pm and there's still plenty of time left in the day to be birthin' some babies! We've prayed for big babies- at their last measurements a week and a half ago Stella weighed in at 4lbs. 6 oz's and Amelia was 4lbs. 15 oz's. The hospital won't let babies go home until they weigh 4lbs. 5 oz.'s.

We prayed for Medicaid to come through only to be denied. However, last Monday we found out the 1 year maternity rider that was added to our policy causing us not to have coverage for the birth of our girls was mysteriously removed and we now have full coverage!

Time and time again over the last 9 months in the big things and in the little things we've seen God's hand and His miracles being performed. When we first got pregnant I was sure it was a "consequence," to our actions and now I am fully and acutely aware of the profound blessings and honor God has bestowed upon us as He has knit together Stella and Amelia.

We are forever grateful for this time and what we've learned and wouldn't change it for anything.

Please continue to pray for our delivery day and our transition into being parents for two tiny human beings. My next DR's appt. is Friday and IF I make it to then, we'll be scheduling an induction day for the following week. As of this past Friday I was 3.5 cm. dialated and 50% effaced!!

We are beyond humbled.

Much love,
Alan and Jackie