Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Visa Story!

Read about OUR VISA STORY on our Ministry Blog and see how Alan was able to get a Visa to come to the states!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Moment in Time

A week before I left for the US my hubby and I got all done up to take our maternity photos. It seemed like just a year ago we were getting ready to take our engagement photos (we were!).

So much can happen in one year. It we're not careful it will just pass us by. Life.  So we decided to go back to the same place we had our engagement photos taken at which hold such a special place in our hearts to photograph the moments along this journey of parenthood that Alan and I have found ourselves on.

Enjoy our little moments of heaven here on earth as we celebrated the little lives of Stella and Amelia being woven together.

(Special thanks to Amanda Braisted for photographing with such love- we love you Goody!)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

10 reasons why I adore my husband...

I thought I'd share today 10 reasons why I absolutely love and cherish my husband for the man he is. It's a simple list and I probably could have come up with 100 more but these came to my mind right away (in the wee early hours of the morning as little Stella and Amelia awoke me with punches and kicks to ribs!!)

An old photo from when we were dating! (a little over a year and a half ago :)

10. He is incredibly trustworthy and sticks by his word. And is almost always right! (I say almost, because every now and then I am right even when I know I am wrong I still argue it out and stand firm to my side... and then eat my words and apologize... all the freakin time!)

9. He makes decisions and sticks with them. He's not like the "waves of the ocean tossed back and forth by the wind." (Unlike his wife who is the most indicisive person likely to have lived)

8. He's a family man! He loves his mother and his family very much and makes it a point to visit his mom once a week.

7. He paints. A lot. Whenever I get bored with a color or instantly hate the color, (which we all know happens on occasion!) he graciously repaints and never complains even though he thought the previous color was perfectly fine!

6. His perfect date night is dinner in, yogenfruz from Bon (ice cream shop with the most amazing frozen yogurt) and a movie on our couch (and he even suffers through all of my cheesy romantic comedy picks!)

5. He sent me texts like this just weeks before our wedding "My princess, I love you with all my heart and can't wait for you to be my wife. Wishing you a great day in the love and peace of Christ." I saved this one and reread it periodically!!

4. The day I took a pregnancy test and showed him the results (with tears in my eyes) he had the biggest smile and said "I'm going to be a dad?"

3. He prays for me and the babies daily and for our health and he refers to us as his "3 girls," which I think is totally adorable.

2. He is my best friend and lets me cry on his shoulder or vent about my day and then he prays with me.

1. He is a faithful man of God and truly seeks after Him to be the center of his life and encourages me to do the same.