Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blessed to Be a Blessing; a Follow Up

I recently blogged here about sending our girls' clothes to Haiti, with love, for those less fortunate.

I had the opportunity to visit a small fishing community on the Northern Coast of Haiti in January, called Phaeton. Click here to read the full story.

One of the biggest blessings from that trip came on our first night in Haiti, we crammed into the church and were surrounded by beautiful worship. I looked to the left and saw this little beauty.

Instantly I caught site of her dress. It was one my mom bought the girls. And now this little girl who was unable to choose where she would be born or the outcome of her life was wearing my sweet little girls' dress. I couldn't help but be choked up. My greatest desire for our girls is that with every ounce of their being and every day of their lives it would glorify God.

She is precious isn't she?

Everyday her mom brought her to visit and she was wearing a different dress or onesie from our girls.

My heart was tremendously full!

And so I continue to ask... on behalf of those we work with... those without a voice to share...
We are blessed to be a blessing to others! How can you give and bless someone else?

We are currently collecting baby clothes!
9 months
6-12 months
12-18 months

When our girls outgrow them, off they go to Haiti! Of course we will take any sizes smaller too and send them right away! Leave me a comment if you are interested!