Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Runnin' Rebels Girls!

Thanks Papa and Grandma Liz for the UNLV shirts. These are the very first clothes the girls' ever got, before we even knew we were having girls!

I remember when I was younger (about 6 or so), being at my grandma's house (the one on Boca Chica!) wearing my Runnin' Rebels Cheerleading outfit and watching the games on TV with my family. I would cheer as the cheerleaders cheered. My family has been Rebels fans as long as I can remember, back in the famed glory days when Jerry Tarkanian was the coach. The even went to the Final Four and Championship games back in the 1990's. To this day, they remain huge fans, proud season ticket holders.

It meant a lot when my dad and Liz sent us a special package over a year and a half ago opening those special shirts for our girls! They were 12 month shirts and they are just now growing into out of them!!


PS- Someday I will hunt down me in my cheerleading outfit to post!!!

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