Monday, April 4, 2011

My girls

It was a perfect day created for us to celebrate and enjoy and bask in the beautiful sunshine of our lives!

We were able to go to church as a family for the first time in 3 weeks. The girls and I were getting over colds so this was awesome for us to all finally be healthy and feeling well.

Amelia waiting to go "bye, bye"

The afternoon was spent doing a few errands including a trip to pricemart where the girls rode in their first shopping cart together. They are getting so big, we can hardly believe it!

It's been heating up here in the DR and there is no better way to cool off that with a little pool action. We bought a kiddie pool last year for the girls long before they ever were big enough to enjoy it. One hot September day, we stripped them down to a diaper and thrust them into the water gently scooping water over their hot little bodies as they frantically flayed their arms about and pleaded with their cries for mercy... Yeah, we didn't try that again.

 I know what you're thinking. 

Totally newbies. I know. Thank you.

Even this time I was a little sceptic that they would like it. But, they sit up in their baby tub just fine and love to splash so we though this would be a wonderful addition to our family day plans on Sundays. (complete with margaritas for the adults!)

Yep, awesome!

Poor teething baby!

This girl loves the water!

This photo completely captures my little girl Amelia. She is soulful and sometimes reserved keeping to herself. One second she is quiet and the next she is trying with all her might to get her sissy's attention. She loves to laugh, but not too hard. She loves to be thrown in the air, but not tipped over. She loves her mama and papi and lately has just wanted to be held by us. all. the. time. She desperately loves her sister. And we desperately love her. In the mornings I go into her room and she is at the end of her crib facing her sister's crib pounding the rails for Stelaa to wake up. I never mind a chance to snuggle with my little ones. Amelia continues to surprise and amaze me. Just when I think I'm starting to figure her out, I realize there is so much more to learn to her complex little soul. She is my cuddle bug. My first born. My sweet sweet Amelia. Oh how I love her so.

And then there's this little girl. While sissy is a little more calm, reserved, and cautious, there isn't much caution in this little one's actions. When a door opens she is fast underfoot trying to escape. She loves to be tickled, kissed, and thrown up in the air and held upside down. She cries when it's time to get out of the bathtub. She loves the water. Oh, and this girl can talk. and scream. yep! She loves to hear herself scream. They jabber all day long. She loves to be held, but she holds you out at an arm's distance. She is independent. There is no stopping this one. My girls are so much alike, yet so very different and they both remind me so much of myself in incredibly different ways.

It's breathtaking to think God did this. We did this.

I know not every day will be perfect and special and wonderful and filled with moments that create such warm memories in our hearts. I really do get weepy when I think this first year is about to come crashing to a halt and I can hardly remember where it's all gone. I love my little ones so much more than I ever imagined I could love and I seriously wonder how much more infinite is our heavenly father's love for Amelia and Stella. I pray that they feel his presence each day loving them and wooing them and molding their little spirits into girls who will fully worship and commit their lives to Him. That was my prayer on our most awesomely wonderful Sunday!


  1. these are such adorable shots! your girls are gorgeous!

  2. Thanks Chelsea!! We're looking forward to shooting with you in May! I love reading your birth stories on your blog!

  3. One year is such a milestone - not just for the kiddos but for us! Time goes by way way way too fast! You have some beautiful girls Jackie. :)